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  • What is Masters water polo?
    Masters water polo is an arm of USA Water Polo. The word "Masters" means adults 18 and older. It was originally used by adults who participated in track and field, and was adopted for organized adult water polo for those who are typically done with high school and college polo.
  • I've never played water polo. Can I join SDAC?
    If you have never played water polo, SDAC may not be the right fit. Many of our members played in NCAA college and some professionally abroad, so play can be competitive. We highly recommend all new attendees have a knowledge of the current rules of the game, have a history of playing water polo, and be able to tread water and swim up and down the pool for 30+ minutes. You are welcome to come to a practice and watch to see what practice is like and if it's something you think you can do.
  • I haven't played in years, can I come to practice?
    Yes! Depending on turn out, play can be competitive so we highly recommend you have knowledge of current rules of the game, have a history of playing water polo, and are able to tread water and swim up and down the pool. Regardless of your fitness level, it can take months to get into good water polo shape, so we encourage you to keep coming back! Camaraderie and new friends are two of the best benefits of playing with SDAC.
  • When is practice?
    Visit our Practice Calendar page for all times and locations of practices. The full calendar at the bottom of the page is kept up to date. Please check there to see if practice is scheduled, as sometimes we have to adjust for pool events. Follow our Instagram for the latest practice updates at @sdacwaterpolo.
  • What are practices like?
    Our practice structures are typically a 30 minute free warm up followed by a scrimmage until the end of practice. Scrimmages can last from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how much pool time and participants we have at the practice.
  • How much does a membership cost?
    We offer North, South, and Both memberships, depending on which practices you attend. Each of these offer pricing Annually, Quarterly, Monthly, and one time drop-in fees. Visit our Membership Plans page for the full breakdown of prices.
  • What ages can join and play with SDAC?
    Anyone 18 years of age and older can come to our practices and join SDAC. Our club age range is from 18 to 70+! We do not allow players under 18 to join due to liability reasons and the physicality of adult water polo.
  • Why do I need a USA Water Polo membership?
    Masters water polo is an arm of USA Water Polo, who provides insurance coverage for all individual USAWP members and liability insurance for clubs and groups, like SDAC. For the insurance to be in effect, all SDAC members within the activity, such as an organized practice or tournament, must be registered with USAWP at the bronze level or higher.
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